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The wealth network Academy of Trading (WAT) is an award-winning, dual-accredited provider of financial trading education and mentorship. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted trading skills educators, putting our students' needs first in everything we do.

At wealth network Academy of Trading, we aim to develop the trading skills of our students by equipping them with the latest strategies and technology. Our programmes are designed to improve investment strategies using fundamental and technical analysis, investment psychology, risk management, asset allocation and how to interpret the news.

WAT's curriculum and teaching approach help develop students' creativity, resilience and practical skills to enhance their opportunities for employment or for trading financial markets. WAT develops its curricula and utilises the diversity within its student community to maximise the effectiveness of its courses, and enhance the experience for all students. We provide the inspiration for students to be achievers, and to be able to apply learned knowledge in a real-world environment, understanding the fundamental and practical aspects of trading.

When you join The wealthnetwork Academy of Trading, you are joining our trading community and you can stay a part of it even after you’ve finished your studies with us. We offer a range of post course benefits to help facilitate this and to keep supporting your trading career.

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